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  • Baby shower planning

  • Lending library

  • Hospital or home birth preparation

  • Bed-rest assistance

  • Nursery design

  • Birth announcements

  • Babymoon planning

  • Breastfeeding support

  • Maternity clothes do's and don'ts

  • Scrapbooking

  • Postnatal help

  • Labor preparation

  • Home child-proofing

  • Baby-on-a-budget

  • Nutrition advice and in-home cooking service

  • Mommy-to-be pampering

  • Baby carrier and cloth diaper trials

  • Eco-friendly baby

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Birth Day Preparation                                            

Writing a birth plan is a great way to begin thinking of how you want to bring your baby into the world. What ARE your birth choices and how can you best prepare for them? What should you consider when choosing a health care provider? What should you pack in your hospital bag or what will you need in your home birth kit? What is the difference between Bradley Method, Lamaze, and Hypnobirthing and which one is right for you? All of these questions and more are things we will consider together so you feel prepared and confident leading up to your baby's birth day!


Bringing Baby Home                                                 

Preparing your house for your new baby can be very stressful. What will your baby need for the first couple months? How will those needs change as your baby grows? How can you prepare your other children and pets for the new arrival? What are the latest trends in nursery design? Why is breastfeeding such a big deal and what are the secrets to success? This package will ensure that your home and your family is ready for the baby.


Happy Mama, Happy Baby                                  

While growing a human being inside your body is amazing, it can take it's toll on you physically and emotionally. Looking for a massage therapist who is certified to work on pregnant women? What sort of skin products are ok to use? How can chiropractic care or acupuncture help your changing body? How can you get the most out of your maternity wardrobe so you look and feel great without spending a fortune? What foods and exercises are good for both mama and baby? This pampering package is customized to help you achieve that pregnancy "glow". 


"Alternative" Baby                                                       

Having a baby is a great time to "go green" and explore alternative family lifestyles. Are there natural cleaning products that are safe for your baby? Is co-sleeping the best choice for your family? What's the deal with cloth diapering? How can you make your own baby food? What is attachment parenting? Which baby carrier is most comfortable? What homeopathic remedies should you keep in your house? This package can be the springboard you need to start living a greener lifestyle.


The Captured Moments                                                               

Having a baby is such a special time in a woman's life. What are the latest trends in baby showers? Why send birth announcements and where do you get them? How do you put together a time capsule or scrapbook for your baby? Do you need a professional photographer for pregnancy announcements, belly pictures, birth day pictures, newborn photos, or all of the above? Is creating a movie of your baby's journey an option?  Celebrate the journey by creating memories and preserving them for generations to come.